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Host a Birthday Party At The Ballpark

Need Birthday Ideas? How About Hosting a Party at a Loons Game?

Parents and guardians looking to plan a special birthday event for their little sluggers should consider hosting a memorable party at an upcoming Great Lakes Loons minor league baseball (MiLB) game at Dow Diamond. This birthday gift idea is packed with plenty of fun for everyone. The Great Lakes Loons offers a one-of-a-kind birthday party package that makes planning the event simple and enjoyable. Learn more about the features and benefits of our birthday packages and the reasons why you should have your child’s next party with us.

Birthday Party Package

Children's birthday parties are meant to celebrate a cherished little one turning one year older. They're also excellent for allowing kids to socialize, interact, and engage with peers their own age. Great Lakes Loons offers families the opportunity to celebrate their child’s birthday at the stadium during a live game with the birthday party package. This package provides some unique experiences, such as:

  • Birthday boy or girl receives a specialty baseball to commemorate their day.
  • A special birthday card will be autographed by Lou E. Loon, the team mascot.
  • Each child in attendance at the party gets a Lou E. Loon poster.

Birthday package add-ons are available for your reservation to help make party planning at the ballpark even easier. We can provide two dozen delicious baseball-shaped cupcakes that are decorated with your child’s name to be shared with party guests. Also, your child can have the opportunity to go onto the ball field to have their birthday acknowledged, with everyone in attendance singing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Why a Party at the Stadium is a Great Birthday Gift Idea

Dow Diamond is often used for more than just thrilling baseball games. Our amenities allow it to be a versatile venue to celebrate a little fan’s birthday and other special occasions. Just some of the reasons why you should consider hosting your little one's special day at Dow Diamond include:

Lou E’s Lookout Kids Play Area

A good birthday party venue needs a space where children can play and enjoy themselves – after all, it is a party. Lou E’s Lookout Kids Play Area in Dow Diamond is a fun and engaging space where children can celebrate the festivities in their own way.

Tasty Food Options

Every birthday party needs a good selection of menu options for partygoers to indulge in. Dow Diamond features a diverse selection of great-tasting food, accommodating various preferences and diet restrictions.

Baseball and Fun

What sets Dow Diamond apart from other birthday party venues is the opportunity for guests to enjoy a home game featuring the beloved Great Lakes Loons. Throughout the game, attendees can delight in the in-game content, making the experience pleasant for all.

Wi-Fi throughout the Stadium

Proper working Wi-Fi and accessible internet is an amenity you don’t truly appreciate until you don’t have it – especially on someone's birthday. Luckily, Dow Diamond offers excellent Wi-Fi coverage, allowing you to video chat with relatives or friends who may not be able to attend the party.

Box Suites

To make your child’s birthday party celebration a little more private, Dow Diamond features 12 box suites. These suites allow you to comfortably watch the game and partake in birthday festivities, all while having your own space.

Plenty of Parking

Depending on the size of your guest list, parking can be an issue at other venues – but not at a Great Lakes Loons game at Dow Diamond. The stadium features approximately 700 parking spaces available onsite, as well as an additional 2,000 spaces at nearby public parking lots. This provides your party – along with other fans – plenty of room to park nearby.

Celebrate Your Child’s Next Birthday with the Great Lakes Loons

Host a birthday your child will remember for years to come in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The Great Lakes Loons at Dow Diamond make planning this birthday gift idea simple and easy with our birthday party package. Guests will enjoy an evening of festive activities, competitive baseball, and more. For more information regarding our special events packages and availability, contact the ticket office at [email protected] today.