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From the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd to the smell of hot dogs and a warm breeze off of the Elizabeth River, Harbor Park’s sights and sounds have attracted fans of all ages. The exciting action on the field and the entertainment value of a summer night at a beautiful venue has kept fans visiting Harbor Park over and over again.

There are plenty of opportunities for sponsors to participate in the excitement that is a Tides game. It’s not just a chance to become directly involved with the fans at the park, it’s a way for your organization to showcase itself alongside a fun and memorable experience for thousands of people a night. Fan interaction is a huge part of a night at Harbor Park, and by becoming a sponsor with the Norfolk Tides you’ll immediately become part of the fun.

Reach out to one of our corporate partnership representatives below to create a customized partnership, exclusive to your business.

Drew Camp - [email protected] - 757-622-2222 Ext. 114

Madison Goodenough - [email protected] 757-622-2222 Ext. 117