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National Anthem Auditions

For Groups

The Norfolk Tides would like to invite your group to perform the Star Spangled Banner at a Tides game. The Tides enjoy giving schools, churches, temples, clubs, and all kinds of civic organizations the opportunity to perform. Your group can be a performing group of virtually any size, so don't worry about having a group too big or too small. To take advantage of this special opportunity, follow the instructions below:

1. Contact the Tides group sales office at (757) 622-2222 extension 103 or 116 to reserve tickets for a group of 25 or more. By purchasing 25 or more tickets, you will qualify for discounted group rates. (Note: the members of your group performing the National Anthem will need tickets to gain admittance to Harbor Park.)

2. When you make your group ticket reservation, make sure you ask about available performance dates and reserve your date to perform the National Anthem.

3. Be prepared to perform the National Anthem without any instrumental accompaniment.

For Soloists

The Norfolk Tides occasionally have soloists perform the National Anthem when no group is scheduled to perform. If you would like to be considered for any opportunities available to soloists, you may submit a recorded audition via digital audio file. Your recording should be a performance with no instrumental accompaniment. Also, your recording should be a performance of the National Anthem. Any performances of songs other than the National Anthem will not be considered.

When sending a digital audio file, please send the file as an attachment to this email address. In your message, please include a contact person's name and a phone number. Please Note: The number of slots the Tides have available for soloists is extremely limited.