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Treat your group of 30 or more guests to a pre-game
exclusive event on the Ross Simons Diamond Terrace at historic McCoy Stadium.

This private group area hugs the left field foul pole
and provides one of the most unique viewing areas at McCoy Stadium.

At game time your guests will watch the game
from a reserved seat section in McCoy Stadium.

Pre-Game Ross Simons Diamond Terrace Events start 90 minutes prior
to the game and run 30 minutes into the game.


($1,350 / $29 for over 30)

Hot Dogs


BBQ Pulled Chicken

Macaroni and Cheese

Garden Salas with Dressings


Ice Cream


All Star

($1,500 / $33 for over 30)

Hot Dogs

Chicken "Not Kebabs"

Sausages, Peppers & Onions

Cole Slaw

Potato Chips & Onion Dip


Ice Cream Bars