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In 2009, the Pawtucket Red Sox introduced an exciting program to recognize the hard work that area students put into their studies each and everyday.

Teachers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut are encouraged to nominate students based on academic and personal growth through the school year for a most improved student award.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the program work?


A: Your school chooses an incentive for their students and any student that accomplishes that set goal will receive a free ticket for a specific game during the season.


Q: What time do we need to arrive at the ballpark for the special on-field ceremony?


A: The times families are required to be at the ballpark may differ because of game times. As a general rule, we ask everyone involved in the Most Improved Student Program to be at the ballpark 90 minutes before game time and the ceremony begins approximately 45-50 minutes prior to the game.


Q: How do we receive our free ticket and pay for additional tickets if needed?


A: Families must fill out the form that they have received from the school to receive their free student ticket and purchase any additional tickets. Forms must be mailed back to the PawSox and NOT returned to the school. This is to ensure all the tickets will be together. Families have the option of getting reserved box seats or general admission seats.


Q: Where do we go when we arrive at the ballpark?


A: On the night the student is being honored, they enter the ballpark, find their seats and wait for a PA announcement directing them to the White BBQ Tent area for further instruction regarding the pre-game ceremony. Only the student and one parent are allowed in the White BBQ Tent area prior to the ceremony. See a member of the PawSox Usher Staff if you have any questions.


Q: What does my son/daughter receive for being honored as a Most Improved Student?


A: Students will also receive a certificate from their school, whether they show up at the game or not. The certificates are sent directly to the school and the child's school will handle the distribution.


Q: Who should I contact if my school does not participate in the Most Improved Student Program?


A: Please direct all questions regarding the Most Improved Student Program to your school's principal and urge your school to join the program.


Q: Who should I contact regarding any questions I may have about the Most Improved Student Program at McCoy Stadium?


A: Please direct all questions regarding the Most Improved Student Program to Allison Katterheinrich by email or phone at 401-721-5394.