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Giveaway Guidelines

Promotional giveaways are available at various San Jose Giants games throughout the season. Age restrictions, limited quantity of distribution, and other limitations are specified for each promotion. Visit the San Jose Giants Promotional Schedule for a complete list of upcoming promotions and giveaways.  

Giveaway Guidelines and Regulations

  1. Guests must enter through the Main Entrance at Excite Ballpark to be eligible to receive a giveaway.
  2. Gates open one hour before game time for all giveaway distributions and have quantity limitations.
  3. Each eligible guest must receive the item immediately after entering the gate, unless specified otherwise.
  4. Anyone entering the ballpark through an entrance that does not have the promotional item will not be able to obtain the item once inside the ballpark.
  5. Only one item is given to each guest, regardless of how many tickets they may possess.
  6. Kids who enter for free (four years of age and younger) will not receive giveaway item unless they have their own valid individual purchased ticket into the game.
  7. On bobblehead giveaway days, exit and re-entry into the stadium is only permitted after the first pitch of game is thrown.
  8. For other questions pertaining to Promotional Giveaway Guidelines, call 408.297.1435 or email [email protected].