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St. Paul Saints Entertainment Team
/ˌəSHər ˈtānər/
noun: ushertainer; plural noun: ushertainers.
  1. A person, such as a singer, dancer, or comedian, exclusively found at CHS Field, whose job it is to entertain the crowd.
  2. A cheerleader, whose job it is to get St. Paul Saints' baseball fans engaged and keep them smiling and laughing, rain or shine.
  3. A character who brings joy and laughter to everyone, young and old, to make their Lowertown ballpark experience even more memorable.
  4. An entertainer who plays a larger-than-life version of their real-life counterparts!
Rita Boersma
Fanboy Fred
Pig's Eye Pete
Paula Bunyan
Joshua Will
Brian Kelly
Al Aboard
Gert The Flirt
Seigo Masubuchi
Lee Adams
Nicholas Leeman
Erin Roberts
Belle of the Ballpark
Dawn Under
Miss Adventure